A review of the new movie “Tomb Raider”

I’m not sure that the world needed another Tomb Raider movie, following the Angelina Jolie outings of 2001 and 2003, but I suppose that there are too few films with women in leading action roles and I’m a big fan of Swedish actress Alicia Vikander who has now taken over the Lara Croft role and took four months to beef up her abs for the part.

Vikander is a fine actress and gives a more serious and sensitive version of the video game heroine than Jolie, but plot and script do not serve her well. This re-boot of the franchise is a origins story with Croft sporting bow and arrows like a kind of Katniss Everdeen and it would appear from the conclusion that the next movie will bring on the guns.

Meanwhile we have a lame story about an ancient Japanese Queen Himiko who seemingly threatens the world and an unconvincing villain who meets a predictable end.


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