China in the New Year (10): even more Yichang

PStill in Yichang – the home town of most of the relatives of Hua’s mother – it was a day like a game of football: of two halves – in this case, historic and modern.

In the morning, a group of us visited the Yichang Museum which has over 500 artefacts on display out of a collection of around 50,000 dating back 5,000 years, including some fine porcelain figures from the Ming dynasty and furniture from a 19th century home.

Then, in the afternoon, a different group us went to see a film – my first Chinese film in China. It was “The Monkey King 3” in 3D (which worked well) and fortunately – as apparently with all Chinese films – there were subtitles in English as well as Mandarin.

And, here in China, the food keeps coming with multi-course lunches and dinners. Each meal though has small variations and this evening’s speciality was chicken’s feet. The predominant meat though is pork and Hua’s fsther, who is a pig specialist, advises me that there are 700 million pigs in China.


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