My 15 best films of 2017

As readers will know, I’m a massive movie fan and review all the films I see for this site. I’ve been encouraged to pick out my top ten movies of 2017. I find this so difficult, but I tried and came up with these 15 that I list simply in alphabetical order:

  • “The Big Sick” – my review here
  • “Blade Runner 2049”- my review here
  • “Breathe”- my review here
  • “Detroit”- my review here
  • “Dunkirk”- my review here
  • “Get Out” – my review here
  • “Ghost In The Shell” – my review here
  • “I, Daniel Blake”- my review here
  • “La La Land” – my review here
  • “Logan” – my review here
  • “Maggie’s Plan” – my review here
  • “Manchester By The Sea” – my review here
  • “Moonlight” – my review here
  • “Paddington 2” -my review here
  • “Wonder Woman” – my review here

If pressed to defend this eclectic choice, I would point out that there are representatives of all the major genres – drama, sci-fi, super-hero, comedy, horror, musical – and there are films from female and black directors with some fine women and black actors. I thoroughly admired all of them and would recommend any of them.


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