An up-date of the 71 countries that I have visited

I am half English and half Italian, so it might seem inevitable that I love travelling to other countries and meeting people from other cultures. In fact, I grew up in a working class, single-parent household where overseas trips were rarely on the agenda. My Italian mother took us – by train – to her home city of Naples when I was four and again when I was almost 14, but this was the only foreign travel of my childhood.

When I was 18, I was fortunate enough to be selected for an educational tour of western Canada, but essentially I did not start to travel until I was a university student. My first independent trip was as a 21 year old when I spent a bitterly cold Christmas 1969 in Amsterdam.

Subsequently I have spent most of my holidays abroad, initially visiting European cities but, more latterly, venturing further afield. I have only ever lived in Manchester and London – both large cities – and therefore I love going to cities for holidays. Not for me lying on a beach wasting time and risking skin cancer!

Top of my bucket list is the wish, so long as I have sufficient health and wealth, to have visited as many countries as my age. I am now 69 and I recently visited  my 71st country (Georgia) thanks to the invitation to attend the launch of a book by my good friend Eric Lee.

You can see a map and a list of the countries that I have visited here.


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