For the first time in forever, I watched a movie on an aircraft

I’ve just returned from a wonderful two-week holiday touring the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Obviously the flight there and back were long ones but I never use the inflight entertainment, preferring to read and sleep.

As many readers will know, I’m a massive movie fan. But I like to see my films on a decent-sized screen with good sound and, on an aircraft, the screen is tiny and the sound is awful because of the engines – so I never watch movies in the air.

But my flight back from Colombo to London was a daytime journey of over 11 hours and, after doing a fair bit of reading and sleeping, I wondered whether I would break my rule and watch a movie. I reckoned that, if I could find a film that I had already seen, would like to see again, and did not have too much dialogue, I would give it a go.

So I watched “La La Land” and, as when I saw it at the cinema. I just loved it and it put a smile on my face. You can read my review of the film here.

PS 1 I’m still jet-lagged.

PS 2 I was not on British Airways (which today has a massive worldwide computer problem) but on Sri Lankan Airways.


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