Weekend cinema (2): an American sci-fi movie from 2017

“Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2”

In 2014, the original “Guardians”was a surprising hit and, like many others, I was totally won over by its original bunch of characters and fresh tone with rich colours, witty script and zippy action. Three years later, the next outing for these space heroes is again directed and co-written by James Gunn so it is very much a case of back to the future.

This sequel does not have the novelty of the initial film but the reprising of style will ensure that it is another massive success. One thing that has changed is that, whereas the first “Guardians” was the break-out role for Chris Pratt as Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord), since then he has become a major star with hits like “Jurassic World” and Passengers”.

There is a wonderful opening with a background battle between four of our superheroes and a giant squid while – a minor twist on the original lineup – Baby Groot dances to ELO’s “Blue Sky”, the first of a succession of musical tributes to the 1970s. The closing credits provide much more than the traditional single clip of other Marvel movies with a host of textual and visual tit-bits.

In between, the action rarely stops with a luscious use of colour for both characters and sets, but for much of the time I had little idea what was going on. I mean: a demi-god called Ego who has trouble sleeping. Rollover, Freud. Best just to enjoy the ride.


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