Can things get any worse for the Labour Party? And when will Corbyn realise that he has to go?

As a lifelong member of the British Labour Party, I despair at the current state of the party and the appalling leadership that it has.

In an article in today’s “Guardian” newspaper, John Harris underlines just how bad things have become for the party as the country approaches Brexit:

“This is, then, arguably the most momentous period the country has entered since 1945 – which brings us to the Labour party, and its quite astounding irrelevance.The basics of its position barely need recounting. Labour has no hope of forming the next government, nor in all likelihood the one after that. Questions about its possible extinction abound.

And its staggering poll deficits leave the Tories to do pretty much as they please. A YouGov poll this week found that – and read this slowly – more people who voted Labour in 2015 would choose May as prime minister than Jeremy Corbyn: across the population as a whole, the idea of the latter as the best option for PM is supported by a miserable 13%.”

Harris concludes concludes his piece:

“But if Brexit is indeed some moment of national rebirth, what kind of country are we going to create? Seizing that opportunity would require the kind of urgency, clarity and energy that Corbyn and his allies simply do not possess. To state the blindingly obvious, if he was as loyal a servant of his party and movement as he often says, he would be on his way.”


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