U.S. presidential election (34): why wouldn’t you vote for Hillary Clinton?

The world has been following the US presidential race with exceptional interest this time round because the differences between the Republican and Democratic nominees – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton respectively – are so profound and the implications of the American choice for the rest of the globe are massive. I venture to suggest that, if the world was voting, Clinton would win by a landslide.

Of course, if the polls are right, Clinton will win more votes than Trump and, given the peculiarities of the Electoral College system, she could win a substantial majority in the College itself which is what ultimately counts. Yet many Americans are still reluctant to vote for Clinton, even some of those who campaigned for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries.

This week, I was able to attend a meeting in London of supporters of the Sanders campaign who were debating how they should now cast their vote.  As a longstanding member of the British Labour Party, it was hard for me to understand the doubts and the confusion that I heard.

You’re a Democrat, you vote for the Party nominee, don’t you? You backed Bernie and he’s supporting Hillary, so why wouldn’t you do too? Clinton is running on a platform substantially influenced by Sanders.  But I heard long discussions about voting for the Green Party or even not voting at all.

I heard the idea that neo liberal policies of the Democratic Party had helped to create the danger that is Donald Trump. I heard opposition to all wars (including the first Gulf War) and support for unrestricted immigration. I heard criticisms of Barack Obama; I heard references to the Wikileaks material; I heard an accusation that Clinton could start World War Three; I even heard a suggestion that the Democratic Party could split.

Get real, guys. In the end, it’s a straight choice: Clinton or Trump. Whatever the reservations some might have about Clinton, there is no responsible choice. Do yourself, your country and the world a favour. Vote for Hillary.

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  • Dana

    I love your posts about American politics because your bafflement over our crazy system never ceases to underscore how insane it is. Jill Stein is a bit of a wackadoodle, as we say around here. Not that she has a chance, but I can’t vote for either third party candidate (even if I want to) because they’re both unqualified and not a good candidate for president. Clinton, however, is highly qualified. It’s sexism, yes, but there is some lingering weird feelings about the Clintons. I don’t get it. She has always had a likability issue in the States.


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