Visit to Nairobi (2)

Since my last posting, I’ve had three more very busy, but thoroughly enjoyable, days with my family in Nairobi.

On Sunday, Richard and Emily took baby Kara for a stroll in the Karura Forest, while I took Catrin to an amusement park next to the Muthaiga shopping plaza   She went on just about everything going: star jumps (trampoline in harness), inflated ball on water, quad bike ride, miniature train, horses roundabout, and bouncing castles. When Catrin and I teamed up with the others later, we all went to the Sarit Centre which has an outlet called Planet Yoghurt where you can fill a carton with your choice of flavours of frozen yoghurt.

On Monday, I took Catrin to the Westtgate shopping mall – the site of the terrorist attack in 2013 – where we saw two children’s films: “The Secret Life Of Pets” and “Storks”. Two differences from our cinema-going experience in London: the trailers come before the advertisements and there is a short animation before the main movie. In between the films, Catrin and I ate pizza. In the theatres, Catrin had ice cream.

On Tuesday, Emily drove Catrin, Kara and me to the Karen district of Nairobi to visit a place called Marula Mercantile. Here they recycle discarded flip-flops recovered from Kenyan beaches and turn them into animal features and other artefacts. Catrin helped out with the first stage, which is cleaning, but the later stages involve cutting, gluing, carving and sanding, so she just supervised these processes.

The weather has been a consistent 28C, but the high elevation of Nairobi (almost 6,000 feet) and some cloud has made for a very pleasant climate.


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