I’ve voted in the Labour Party leadership election

Voting in the Labour Party leadership election opened today. I voted online today.

In the last leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn was bottom of my list and his time as leader has confirmed my worst anxieties. He simply cannot lead: his chairing of the Shadow Cabinet is appalling; he has lost the confidence of 80% of the Parliamentary Labour Party; his performance in the House of Commons is lacklustre; and his campaigning in the EU referendum vote was half-hearted.

Corbyn is a decent man but fundamentally he is not interested in, or capable of, being Prime Minister. He sees politics as about protest rather than power. The electorate know this which is why Labour is doing terribly in the polls and Corbyn’s standing is the lowest of any Labour leader ever.

I’ve been a member of the Labour Party 47 years and I’ve never been in such despair about the future of the Party and our capacity to be the force for the creation of a fairer society. All of which puts me in the camp of ABC (Anyone But Corbyn). I’d never heard of Owen Smith a year ago, but his politics are both radical and realistic and he understands the compelling need to make the Labour Party fit for government. I’ve given him my vote.


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