More fun and games in Nairobi

I’m having some real quality time in Nairobi spending many hours each day with my five year old granddaughter Catrin. Today her parents took their dogs for a walk in a forest and then went for a couples session at a spa, while I looked after the little one.

Most of our time was spent at an amusement park next to the Muthaiga Shopping Mall. Catrin & I were here for an afternoon on my last visit to Nairobi in October, but this time she went on even more rides (including quad bikes) and bouncy castles and other endeavours (we bought an inclusive ticket) and, now four months older, Catrin went higher or faster or whatever on each experience as she has grown in height, strength and confidence. Particularly impressive was her ability to reach the very top of a really tall climbing wall.

She insisted that I join her on one ride which looked innocent enough, a roundabout with suspended chairs. But it went so fast and the chairs flew out so high and at such an angle that I was genuinely disorientated and dizzy. Granddad must be getting old.


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