Cheerful chipmunks and a cheeky monkey in Nairobi

Here in Nairobi, it was 30C again today.  But at least the day started a bit later with my granddaughter Catrin not waking me up until 6.45 am.

Catrin & I spent the afternoon at Westgate Shopping  Mall. On 21 September 2013, the Islamist terrorist group al-Shabaab attacked the mall and 67 people were killed in the assault. But it has reopened now and it is a bright, clean, and hopefully safe location.

The highlight of our visit was seeing a movie: “Alvin And The Chipmumks: The Road Chip” – something of a contrast to my last visit to the cinema which was to see “The Revenant”. Catrin loved the film which has lots of humour and dance music. As the final credits rolled and the music continued, she went to the front of the cinema to do a dance routine and the cleaners who came along were so amused that they flashed their lights around her to create a disco atmosphere.

My son Rich and his wife Emily do not have many opportunities to go out alone, so I was pleased to be able to baby sit – sorry Catrin, child mind- while they went out for dinner in a restaurant. Before leaving, Emily asked Catrin: ” Is it OK if granddad looks after you this evening?” She responded simply: “Super OK”.


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