How can the Israeli Government improve the image of the country?

Well, one approach is to be found in this news item which explains:

“The Israeli government is offering directors and actors shortlisted for this year’s Oscars a trip to the Holy Land worth $55,000 (£38,000) in the hope of countering recent bad press for the country.

The voucher for a 10-day trip, valid for one year and partly funded by the Israeli government, which is also being offered to the ceremony’s presenters, is the most expensive freebie in the Oscars gift bag, making up a quarter of the bag’s $200,000 value.

The trip, which includes first-class flights for two and accommodation in five-star hotels, is worth roughly twice the average Israeli salary.”

Of course, another approach would be for the Israeli Government to change its policies and seriously negotiate a two-state solution. Meanwhile it could stop supporting illegal settlements in occupied territories and legislating to discriminate against Israeli Arabs.

I’m a (critical) friend of Israel and paid for my own visit to the country.


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