The news for Labour just gets blacker and blacker

“Here is the really bad news for Labour. It has nothing to do with Syria, which is unlikely to influence the outcome of the next general election. Nor is it to do with Europe, providing that we vote to stay in the EU, as now seems likely although far from certain. The bad news concerns the subject that always matters hugely at election time, and usually matters most: the economy.”

“… of the nine million people who voted Labour in May, around four million withhold their backing for Corbyn and McDonnell on the economy, saying they trust the Tories more, or trust neither party, or simply ‘don’t know’. Unless the great bulk of these doubters can be won over, Labour will not be able even to get back to nine million votes, let alone the 10-11 million it needs to become the largest party, or the 12 million-plus it needs to win outright.”

Who says this? The pollster YouGov as you can see in more detail here.


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