How to be happy

For the last eight months, each Friday I have been revisiting one of my collection of 31 short stories. This seems to have gone down well with readers of NightHawk.

So I thought that, now I have concluded the look at my short stories, i would start a new Friday series in which I revisit the short essays on the “Life Skills” section of my web site.

The first item in this section is rather boldy entitled “How To Be Happy”. Here you will find 60 short pieces of practical advice. As the last point states:

“If you try out all these suggestions and you’re still not happier, you’re either an android or an alien. In the former case, see an electronics engineer – or watch “Blade Runner”. In the latter case, go home to your own planet and tell your people that we humans will survive.”

You can check out the advice here.


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