We have a world class triathlon star in the family

Vee’s nephew David Rowe is an amazing athlete who has run marathons and even performed in triathlons around the world. This weekend, he competed for the second time in the Ironman World Championship which was held in Kona, Hawaii.

First, he swam 2.4 miles (3.9 kms) in 1 hour 14 minutes 20 seconds; then he rode a bike for 112 miles (180 kms) in 5 hours 42 minutes 51 seconds; and finally he ran a marathon of 26.2 miles (42 kms) in 4 hours 36 minutes 29 seconds. Officially he was on the go for a staggering 11 hours 41 minutes 21 seconds.

David is a real hero and, boy, does he deserve that medal – all the more so for now being 42 and having had months of injuries and set-backs in the run up to the event.

You can read his blog here.

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