Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the Labour Party Conference

We were told that it was not going to be a long speech, but it lasted an hour. We were told that it was his first use of the autocue and that went well enough.

Corbyn certainly thanked a lot of people, he name-checked a lot of colleagues, he made a special point of welcoming and praising all the new members. He touched on lots of good causes – ranging from a Saudi prisoner to the Redcar steel workers. ┬áHe highlighted issues like voter registration, cuts in tax credits, the plight of the self-employed, the housing crisis, and the challenge of mental health.

All good issues that will have resonated with Conference delegates and Labour voters. But Corbyn missed a classic opportunity to speak to Britain and especially those who did not vote Labour at the last General Election. He did not address why Labour lost the election and how it is going to win the next one.

You can hear and see his speech here:


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