John McDonnell’s speech to the Labour Party Conference

At today’s Labour Party Conference in Brighton, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell made a serious speech with no jokes, no knockabout, none of his usual colourful language and a remarkably mild delivery. He called it “the new politics”. There were lots of good ideas in the speech but very little detail. Hopefully he will listen to the advisory team he has appointed and those Labour MPs with experience of office.

You can hear and see his speech here:


  • Janet

    Roger, how do your son & daughter-in-law feel about being so far from the Labour party action at this interesting time?

  • Roger Darlington

    Well, Janet, I think that they felt that this was a good time to have a spell out of the UK.
    My son had worked for a Left of Centre think tank on and off for 10 years and, knowing that Labour could not be in power again for at least five years, made the work less attractive.
    As for my daughter-in-law, she was a Labour candidate in the last General Election and might want to contest the next General Election. But the selection of new candidates is two or three years away.
    So this is a good time for them personally and professionally but, of course, for me there would never be a good time to be away from darling Catrin


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