What is a “Good Kill”? – my review of the film with this title

Very few people – me included – will have seen the film “Good Kill” at the cinema, but it is worth searching out on television or DVD because it is a work which raises important issues about the military use of drones. You can read my review here.

Seeing this film, I recalled a short story I wrote some years ago which poses some similar issues. You can read “A Shot In The Dark” here.

One Comment

  • Calvin Allen


    You might also enjoy the novel ‘I Saw A Man’ by Owen Sheers. He’s a poet, primarily, and the novel has a poet’s feel for language, the description of place and the associated conveyance of feel.

    But drones feature here, too – not as part of the main story but one of the others which are interweaved in the novel.


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