At last, we have switched our gas and electricity suppliers

Although most of my work is as a consumer advocate in regulated industries, I am not a very canny consumer myself. I’ve always been so reluctant to switch suppliers, fearing that something could do wrong.

So, after all the years that energy suppliers have been privatised, I have never switched either our gas or our electricity supplier. Until now. What persuaded me was two things.

First, I have switched as part of a block of around 100,000 consumers mobilised by the campaign group 38 Degrees. It felt good to be part of a movement.

Second, it’s 100% clean electricity – all of it coming from renewable sources. It’s energy made from Cornish sunshine, Scottish wind and, um, Welsh rain (seriously!).

And we’re saving hundreds of pounds compared to our existing energy suppliers.

Our new provider is called Good Energy which regularly tops the table for the Which? Customer Satisfaction Survey.


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