Catrin goes to Kenya

Regular visitors to this blog will be well aware that I have a granddaughter called Catrin who is now four and a half years old.

I first saw her on the day she was born and my first posting about her was that day. Since then, I’ve been very fortunate and seen her an average of once a week each week over the intervening four and half years. I’ve babysat regularly and we’ve had her here for a number of sleepovers.

I’ve loved every minute with her. We’ve done so many things together and had such fun.

But all this changed this week. My son Richard has obtained a job in Kenya and, together with his wife Emily and daughter Catrin, flew out to Nairobi on Thursday.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for them all and good timing since Catrin is just about to start school.  I wish them all every success. But I will miss them so much.

Obviously we have Facebook and Twitter, which will help us keep up with their news, and we will now have to master the wonders of Skype. We hope to make our first visit to them in a couple of months when Catrin has her half term.

But I guess that, for sometime now, this blog will have a lot less to say about Catrin than has been the case for the last four and a half years. To mark the occasion, below is my favourite photo of Catrin and me together. It was taken on a recent visit to Legoland. They photograph you as you go on certain rides and, as the shot was being taken, Catrin spontaneously flung her arms around my neck.

Roger and Catrin at Legoland


  • Nadine Wiseman

    Thanks Roger, that’s a lovely photo. I’m going to miss her too…

  • Albert wright

    A lovely photo.

    My grand daughter is in Cardiff and we have had to get used to FaceTime

  • Roger Darlington

    We had our first Skype call today and I was surprised how chatty Catrin was. She has grandparents in Canada and she’s obviously used to the technology, but it was new to me.

  • Lino Fonseca

    Hello Roger, Lovely photo of the two of you. God bless. I hope she likes safaris since there will be a lot of those that she will go on.

  • Alex

    Such a Great grandfather you are! A wonderful granddaughter Catrin is! Bet you miss her VERY much! Fully understand. All the best.

  • Roger Darlington

    Yes, Alex, I am really missing her. We have done a few Skype calls but sometimes the technology is unreliable and sometimes Catrin is not so interested. Vee and I plan to visit them in Nairobi at Catrin’s half term.


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