My 16th short story

A couple of months ago, I had a holiday in Iran, so I have been following closely the political events in the country, most recently the reports of the bloody demonstration over the weekend.
While I was on holiday, I was thinking about a short story on the country and its situation and I have today put on my web site my effort which is called “The Man From Iran”. What do you think?
In the last six months, I’ve written a total of 16 short stories with a combined length of around 43,000 words. That’s about half a book.


  • Ralph Darlington

    Enjoyed your Iran story Rog, very left-wing account if you ask me, certainly can’t see the British embassy being too enamoured with it!

  • Sue Gray

    I read your story “The Man From Iran” with great interest and enjoyed it! There was a good shift from one environment to another and a sense of tension on both a personal and political level.. I felt you created both atmosphere and emotion!

  • Stephen Reid

    Earlier last week I read “The Man from Iran”…(the welcome break from other duties I mentioned)…and liked particularly the evocative opening lines….as the piece set about drawing out the tensions for the reader…more power to your pen.


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