The Hungarian revolution

Throughout the media today, there are features marking the 50th anniversary of the start of the Hungarian revolution in 1956. I have some good Hungarian friends and have visited Hungary twice, so the anniversary resonates with me.
My first visit was in August 1991 when Vee and I spent a week on holiday in Budapest. We made a point of visiting the grave of Imre Nagy who was the reformist Prime Minister before and then during the time of the revolution.
My more recent visit was in September 2005 when I addressed a conference at Lake Balaton and then took the opportunity to revisit Budapest. I met my good friend Sandor Nagy who showed me the location of several of the key sites in the revolution and took this picture of me outside the Corvin Cinema where there was some of the fiercest fighting.

Roger at site of fighting in Hungarian revolution

One Comment

  • Nagy S├índor

    Dear Roger,
    We would like to thank for you your conscientious researcher hard work connected the 50th Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution.
    We should emphasize that your introduction of the revolution is very correct and authentic.
    Thank you again.
    Best regards to Vee, Richard and to You,
    From Marika and Sandor
    Ps. We are particularly happy about this long friendship.