British general election (2): 2015 will be a tough year for election candidates, party workers, and the voters themselves

  • Many election candidates have been working away for a couple of years already, but the General Election campaign proper will begin in the New Year and, since we know the exact date of the election rather than having to wait for the election to be ‘called’, it’s going to be an exceptionally long campaign of some four months hard slog.
  • The three main parties – Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat – have fewer members by far than in 2012 and will have less human resource for all that leafleting and canvassing, although UKIP, Greens and SNP will have more members than in the past to do this electioneering.
  • The voters are going to be even more fed up than usual by all the leaflets through the door and knocks on the door and party election broadcasts on television, but their decisions are going to be more influential than usual and vital for the future of the country.

These were some of the thoughts that went through my head today as Vee and I delivered material on behalf of our Labour Member of Parliament Barry Gardiner. Each year, he produces a calendar which party workers deliver to every home in the constituency and the eve of the New Year seemed a good day – if a really cold one – to put them through letter boxes.

At least 7 May 2015 has to be warmer than 31 December 2014.


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