Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality type? Want to know mine?

Someone asked me today what my personality type was in terms of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? I had to search through my personal records to find the report booklet from when I completed the MBTI questionnaire on a training course which I did many years ago.

I was assigned type ENTJ. What does that mean? The official description is as follows:

“Frank, decisive, assume leadership readily. Quickly see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies, develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems. Enjoy long-term planning and goal setting. Usually well informed, well read, enjoy expanding their knowledge and passing it on to others. Forceful in presenting their ideas.”

If you know me, is this how you see me? If you don’t know me, on this assessment would you want to know or work with me?



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