My short story writing course (2)

This morning, I attended the second session of my course in short story writing at the City Lit in central London. Much of the session was spent discussing the homework from last week when we were asked to draft 500-800 words as the opening of a short story picking up on an object in the scene we had written about in the first session.
Three of us circulated the text of our work which was then critiqued by the tutor Wendy Brandmark and the class. I was the last of the three and I confess that I found it quite tough hearing comments which were less enthusiastic than I had hoped. A major problem, I think, is that, before I start drafting a story, I like to have a good idea how it will develop and conclude and I felt that, to assess my opening words, one really needed to see the whole story – but maybe I was just feeling defensive.
Anyway, I’ll publish the full story – “A Life In A Box” – on my web site later this week and you can be the judge.

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  • Minnie

    Hi Roger – I’ve had your email returned. I’ve obviously misread it. Please can you email it to me? Thanks.


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