The history of Iran

Vee and I are really looking forward to our holiday in Iran in a month or so’s time (nuclear crisis permitting).
Before visiting a new country, I always read about its history and Iran – or Persia as it was known for a long time – has some 6,000 years of it. I’ve just finished a concise account of the history of this fascinating nation and reviewed it here.


  • Mavis

    Sometimes Roger I think you can be foolhardy and then I think – no he is sensible.
    Then I worry about you.
    But why visit a country which has locked up some students who happened to stray across their border.

  • Philip

    I’d highly recommend Persian Fire by Tom Holland. Fantastic narrative history.

  • Roger Darlington

    Don’t worry about me, Mavis.
    Unlike those students, we will have obtained visas to enter the country and be in the safe hands of Cox & Kings.
    We will visit archaeological sites Persepolis and Islamic sites like Isfahan.
    It should be fascinating and it’s important that we understand better countries that are so different culturally from our own.


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