My 10th short story

My latest short story is called “The Face At The Window”. Please give it a read and let me know what you think.
Now that work has resumed after the summer break, I’m likely to complete fewer stories that I managed over the summer but, since I’m now attending a course, they might become better.


  • Georgeanne Lamont

    I think “The Face at the Window” is a really haunting story and conveys superbly the inside experience of bereavement.
    Story is brilliant. Why don’t you submit it to a magazine?
    You have an amazing range of voices.
    Really enjoyed it – very memorable.

  • Silvia

    Oh my goodness – good job I’m not a sentimental old cry baby, what a weepie!

  • Jennifer

    Was just reading your new story today – you’ve quite a consistent voice… the one about the dead daughter was really good… and I’m surprised to see that you have a moment of serendipity in your transformational stories…. are we on the same page after all?!!!!!!


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