Ten days that shook my world (7)

Regular readers of NightHawk may be aware of my experience in the summer when my Internet service provider Pipex managed to cut me off from the Net and take 10 days to restore my connection. If you can bear to read the sorry story, you’ll find it here.
Of course, I complained to Pipex and, when I did not receive satisfaction, I went to the relevant ombudsman Otelo. The ombudsman decided that i had not exhausted Pipex’s complaints procedure, so I returned to the company, got no more satisfaction, and escalated the matter again to the ombudsman.
Otelo has now concluded the investigation and found that everything I stated was true. Its conclusion is as follows:
“In light of the issues discussed above and my recommendation of Mr Darlington’s complaint, I will recommend that the Ombudsman requires Pipex to:
· send a letter of apology;
· confirm in writing what the actual problem was and why it took longer to fix it, than might have been expected; and
· credit a further £25 to Mr Darlington’s broadband account to reflect shortfalls in customer service and to cover the cost of an ADSL broadband filter.”
The money doesn’t matter to me. I still want to know why I lost my connection and why it took so long to resolve. Over four months later and after lengthy complaints to Pipex and Otelo, is this too much to ask?
Footnote: What are the odds? I wrote the blog posting above in the morning and this afternoon I had an e-mail from Pipex inviting me to complete an online satisfaction survey. I did – and they won’t like it.

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