Jack Bauer has just finished another bad day (this time in London)

I’ve just watched the last two episodes of the new series of “24” entitled “Live Another Day”. I was tempted to return to the series, partly because there are only 12 episodes this time and partly because many of the scenes were shot in London locations well known to me as a resident of the city. Actually this series of “24” is really just 11 and a bit hours with a coda added 12 hours later to make it add up to 24 hours. That’s cheating!

The narrative of the series is as improbable if not impossible as usual. The ease with which communications facilities are taken over and manipulated would surprise even Edward Snowden. But really what got me this time was Bauer’s callousness. On two occasions, he actually murders people. OK, they are baddies – but Jack’s supposed to be working for the USA. ¬†And American agents would never kill in cold blood – would they?

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