Do you keep a daily note of some aspect of your life?

As I have explained here, I’ve kept a daily dairy for more than 50 years. In narrative form, I simply record how I’ve spent that day: meetings attended, people met, work done, films seen, books read. There is very little reflection or emotional analysis,

But I know that other people record simply one aspect of their day and it is often some kind of surrogate for how they were feeling that day.

So one man I knew recorded the weather than day. A woman I knew noted the state of her legs which caused her ill-health. One guy assesses how hostile or otherwise his wife was towards him that day.

I believe others note their weight or the number of calories consumed or the number of steps walked. I have heard of people recording how much they have spent each day.

Do you keep a daily note of some aspect of your life?

One Comment

  • Nadine Wiseman

    Only who phoned and what it was about – and I don’t keep that once the notebook is filled!

    Has Catrin started keeping a record of her days?




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