The best cinema in the world

I’m a massive movie fan so I’m always going to see new films, but I usually frequent the same cinemas – about 10 in north-west and central London. Last night, however, our young friends Rachael and James took us to a cinema we’ve never visited before and it was glorious.
It’s called The Rex and it’s in Berkhamstead. This art deco wonder was first opened in 1938. It had to close in 1988 but it was re-opened in 2004. In the circle, the seating has a conventional layout but the comfort and leg room are superb. On the lower floor – where we were – you sit in big red, swivel chairs at small, round, candlelit tables, with white tablecloths to the floor, and at the back is a long, well-stocked bar.
Check out the history and some photos and tell me if this isn’t the loveliest cinema on the planet.
If you want to know how the restoration was achieved, you can view this video:

And the film we saw? The oxymoronic and enigmatically titled “Sleep Furiously” [my review here].


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