The summer of short stories

As long as I can remember, I have written. I’ve kept a personal diary since I was 14; in my professional career, I have written countless papers, reports, articles and speeches; in the mid 1980s I authored a full-scale book which was published in both the UK and the then Czechoslovakia; I’ve had a web site for 10 years and blogged daily almost as long. But all this is non-fiction and I’ve long had a yearning to try my hand at some fiction.
From this weekend, most of my work goes into a hiatus, since the bodies on which I sit do not meet in August, so I have a very light month or so ahead of me. I’ve decided to use the time to attempt to become a short story writer and I’ve set myself the target of crafting five short stories in the course of the summer.
I will, of course, publish them on my web site and invite you to read them. Please be kind …



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