Ten days that shook my world (6)

The long saga of my complaint against my Internet service provider Pipex continues – see here for the original situation.
Having filed an online complaint with Pipex and received a totally unsatisfactory reaction, on 21 May 2009, I filed an online complaint against Pipex with the ombudsman Otelo. They replied in a letter dated 2 June 2009 suggesting that I had not reached deadlock with Pipex and advising me of a Pipex address in Birmingham with which I should continued to pursue the complaint.
I wrote to Pipex on 3 June 2009. I have now received a response dated 9 July 2009. The Pipex letter states: “I trust that this now resolves the issue and will be closing the case”. I regard this as a deadlock letter and therefore I am now referring the case back to Otelo for support and assistance since I have not received from Pipex what I sought and requested.
In the intervening month since I first tried to register my complaint with Otelo, all that Pipex has done is to credit me with a further £20 as a goodwill gesture. However, in my letter of 3 June 2009 to Pipex, I did not seek a further apology or further compensation. What I sought was an explanation of why it took so long (10 days) and was so confusing (multiple calls) to resolve my lack of connection. Furthermore I sought an explanation of how the company intends to ensure that this sort of failure will not be repeated.
The deadlock letter from Pipex makes no effort whatsoever to explain why my fault occurred and took 10 days to resolve and it offers no information whatsoever as to how the company intends to change its procedures to avoid the risk of repetition of this terrible customer experience.
I am left to wonder whether Pipex understand what went wrong with my Internet connection and have any idea how to improve their complaint processes. I very much hope that Otelo can obtain the relevant information from the company – but I’m not holding my breath.

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