How is Obama doing?

During the US presidential election campaign, we all knew that expectations of Barack Obama were so high that the reality was bound to disappoint. On the inauguration of Obama as president, we all knew that the honeymoon period could not last for ever. At the end of his first 100 days in the White House, we all knew that the challenges he faced were unprecedented: the economic recession, health care, climate change, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran. Given all this, some criticism from faint-hearts and even concern from supporters was inevitable. But this is a guy who is barely half a year into what should be an eight-year term of an historic and transformational nature..
So, how is Obama doing? The signs are good. On Friday night, the president achieved a political breakthrough when the House of Representatives passed a historic bill to combat climate change, binding the United States to cut levels of carbon emissions. I share the positive assessment of Michael Crowley, a senior editor of the “New Republic Magazine”, as expressed in this article.


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