Please support Martha Lane Fox’s Mad May March

I have heard Martha Lane Fox speak many times and met her several times, mostly in the context of our joint passion for promoting digital inclusion, and she is am amazing woman. She is about to do a charity walk as she explains here:

“On May 2nd, it will be ten years since I broke 26 bones, had a stroke, got through over 25 operations and with the best medical care in the world managed to survive. I am so lucky that I have the resources to pay for the help I need every day, others have no opportunity to live such a full life.

So, this May I am attempting to walk 50 miles in 5 days along hadrian’s wall. I will be joined over the weekend by some of my friends and family without whom I would not have made it. My injuries were complex so I am raising money for three charities that support orthopaedic and neurological trauma.

Abilitynet is one of the charities and will be distributing the other funds to Aspire and CES UK. I would be so grateful if you would sponsor me – please keep fingers crossed I am not found in a heap near newcastle at the end of the walk.”

I have made a donation and, if you would like to do so, click here.


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