Does the British political system need reform?

Of course, it does – and, spurred by understandable outrage over MPs’ expenses, all sorts of proposals are being mooted. Today the leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron contributes a major article in the “Guardian” newspaper of all places.
So I’ve taken the opportunity to up-date my essay “A Short Guide To The British Political System” to list some of the main reforms that have been suggested.

One Comment

  • Mavis Smith

    Not only does Parliament need reform. And can we have devolution of the powers they grabbed from local Councils etc all back please.
    Both major parties (Labour and Conservative) need reform too – probably more than Parliament. So power goes back to constituencies, conferences and Headquarters takes their lead from the bottom upwards.
    Stop ‘parachuting in’ is the first I would get rid of.
    So Parliamentary reform – Yes – but Party reform as well.
    Grassroots democracy please.


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