Obama’s first 100 days

For those of us who supported Barack Obama’s candidacy for so long and so enthusiastically, his first 100 days have been heady stuff. As this piece puts it:

“Although only a short way into his first term, Obama has already committed trillions to lift the country out of recession, discarded some of the most unpopular policies of the Bush administration, begun to repair the country’s battered reputation abroad and made a start on potentially far-reaching health, education and other social reforms. The changes racked up already suggest a potential to become one of the most liberal presidents in US history.”

The Washington-based Foreign Policy magazine asked 35 US foreign affairs specialists around DC to rate him so far. The result? Eleven As, 16 Bs, 7 Cs, and a D. I would give him an A – but it’s still very early days and he has not been tested yet in a military crisis.

One Comment

  • Derek Bright

    The US still holds 17,000 prisoners without any recourse to law – this is despite Obama’s spin that he is closing CIA prisons that in reality Bush had already agreed to close. Coupled with this month’s announcement to increase the troops in the war against the Pashtun tribesman in Afghanistan by 4000 over above the 38,000 troops already committed and plans to maintain 70,000 troops in Iraq despite claiming to withdraw I’m surprised he wasn’t awarded 35 As by those foreign policy specialists in DC.


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