Is this the worst artist in the world?

I enjoy art – but I find much modern art difficult to appreciate. Last weekend, I spent some time sightseeing in Lisbon following a presentation which I made at a seminar. So I visited the city’s Museum of Modern Art where I came across a special exhibition by an Austrian artist called Heimo Zobernig.
I have never seen work so pretentious in its composition and so opaque in its meaning. I have searched the web for some illumination and came across this explanation of his work which only confirms me in my view that I never want to see anything by him again.


  • Fran

    I agree. The description of the artist’s work is pretentious, but it is also somehow wonderful. I will use this in an English lesson to show just what can be done when you’re somewhat distanced from reality … Thanks for the post.

  • Sharon

    Hmmm, we went to the Tate Modern a while back and there was a piece of glass painted blue. That was it. With a huge explanation to the side of it. I guess it stuck in my mind though, even if I didn’t really see the point. Sigh. Modern art, I suspect I will never really “get” it.

  • Roger Darlington

    On a recent visit to Prague, we went to the Kampa Museum and saw some of the work of the Czech abstract artist Frantisek Kupka – see some images here. Some of his work is on the threshold of my level of acceptability.


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