A sunny day in Oxford

Today Vee and I made one of our regular visits to Oxford to see our dear Chinese ‘family’: Hua, Zhihao and Joshua (almost two).
It was lovely weather and so, after a delicious homemade Chinese meal, we went for a walk to a part of Oxford that we haven’t viewed before. It’s called Jericho and is by the side of the canal where many barges are moored. This area was the inspiration for the Gyptian community in the book “Northern Lights” [my review here] and the centre of a successful battle against redevelopment [see campaign here].
We all stopped for drinks and desserts at a cafe called FREVD on Walton Street. Amazingly this is a converted church with the stained glass windows still in place [more info here].

Roger, Joshua and Vee in front of
a building of the Oxford University Press