Is UFO report a wind up? (2)

A month ago, I did a posting about media reports that a wind turbine in Lincolnshire operated by Ecotricity had broken as a result of being hit by a UFO. At the time, Dale Vince, Ecotricity’s managing director, told the BBC that the UFO theory was “the best … that we have currently got”. I ridiculed this assertion.
A report today confirms that the turbine was not damaged by an alien spacecraft but simply came apart because of a broken bolt – a bolt from the blue, you might say.
At the time, various experts were convinced that this was evidence of a UFO. How could they get it so wrong? I explain here “Why people believe weird things”. And how could I – someone who knows nothing about wind turbines or space travel – be right? Quite simply, I followed my own advice on “How to think critically”.