Return to “The West Wing” (3)

In this posting, I explained how Vee and me had received for Christmas DVDs of series six and seven of “The West Wing”. Then, in this posting, I reported that we had watched the 22 episodes of series six in just 12 days. We’ve just finished watching the 22 episodes of series seven which took us 15 days.
The number of times we viewed the election campaign of the fictional Matt Santos and thought of the parallels with the campaign of the real life Barack Obama seemed to be endless and I’ve found this site which has the most comprehensive list that I’ve seen of the similarities between “The West Wing” and Obama’s “improbable journey”. Is this art imitating life or life imitating art?
Either way, I’ve now seen all 154 episodes of the seven series of “The West Wing” twice and, after 308 viewings, I guess that I must now confine myself to the real thing.

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