Ten years without my mother

Ten years ago today, my mother died. She was aged 78 – but she had a serious stroke a decade before and her deterioration over the next ten years was terribly sad to behold.
Today, I’m travelling up to Leicester to join my younger sister Silvia and my younger brother Ralph and together we will remember and celebrate her life and all that she did for the three of us.

Mum at her most beautiful and carefree,
in Naples in her twenties

You can read my eulogy to her at her funeral here.


  • Nick

    A very inspiring and moving eulogy, Roger.

  • Jan

    From your photos I can see a very strong likeness between you and your Mother. She reminds me very much of pictures I have of my Mum at the same age. There was a definite style to photos of that era – all the girls looked like film stars.


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