Evian – not just (in)famous for water

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I’m reading a book entitled “The Nazi Holocaust: Its History And Meaning”. I’m learning a lot that I didn’t know.
For instance, I was not familiar with the Evian Conference which was held from 6-15 July 1938. This was convened at the request of Franklin D Roosevelt to address the plight of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.
It was attended by 32 countries – including the USA and the UK – and 24 voluntary organisations. Both the United States and Britain declined to admit significantly more refugees. Only The Netherlands and Denmark – soon to be overrun by the Germans – agreed to a limited increase in the number of refugees.
The conference did not condemn the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews in Germany and even went as far as to prepare a memorandum for the German Foreign Office acknowledging the right of the German government to introduce measures affecting its own subjects.
Ronnie Landau – author of the book I’m reading – writes “In effect, the Evian Conference may have justified and reinforced Nazi anti-Jewish ideology and helped move it on towards its momentous climax – the decision to implement the ‘Final Solution'”.
Further information on the conference here.


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