The first three days

Barack Obama finally became US President at noon on Tuesday Washington DC time. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were very busy days for him and very satisfying ones for those of us who supported his candidacy:

  • He stopped the legal proceedings involving detainees in Guantanamo Bay
  • He took the first step in the closure of Guantanamo prison camp
  • He ended the CIA process of rendition
  • He appointed George Mitchell as special envoy to the Middle East
  • He appointed Richard Holbrooke as the special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • He met his economic advisers to work on a new budget
  • He met congressional leaders to discuss the economic crisis
  • He froze the implementation of the last-minute regulations issued by Bush.

And that’s not all – the “Guardian” created this list of the first 100 things he did in office. The next eight years in the White House (of course, he’s going to have a second term) are going to be so much more beneficial and hopeful for Americans and the world than the last eight.


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