What’s in a McDonald’s?

OK, I admit it. I occasionally call into a McDonald’s for a quick meal when I need something cheap and cheerful and quick – like tonight, after a gruelling public meeting on a post office closure (more about that in another posting). The chain is now trying to provide more information to customers on what we’re actually eating and, if you’ve ever wondered, you’ll find out here.


  • Richard Leyton

    Hi Roger, if you’re in need of a book to read, or a Movie to see, can I recommend either “Fast Food Nation” or “Super Size Me” (which was free in the Guardian a few months back).
    Sure, they’re presenting a specific case, but certainly eye-opening and interesting investigations, and well written/presented too.
    Whilst I know McDonalds gets a lot of bad press, it’s rarely unfounded – especially if you look beyond the pure calorific/fat content of the food, and look at the processes that go on behind the scenes that lead to a meal (Their treatment of unions in the US will be of particular interest to you).
    They’re also very quick on the offensive with slick marketing like this – But the books/films I mention do counter-balance websites such as this which just strike me as dressed up spin.

  • Roger Darlington

    Thanks for this, Richard. I know most of their food is rubbish, that they pay their workers very little, and that they oppose trade unions, but sometimes it’s just convenient to have a quick burger and, in hot weather, I find that a strawberry milk shake goes down a treat.

  • Mavis

    I also occasionally like a Mcdonalds, but then I like Wimpey’s and they were no better. But what the heck sometimes you just have to break one of your own rules.

  • Liz

    I’d also recommend the film McLibel – which tells the story of the longest trial in English legal history as a postman and a gardner take on the might of McDonalds. http://www.spannerfilms.net/mclibel

  • thomson

    ionolsen21 So interesting site, thanks!