A special wedding in a special city

Czechoslovakia – now the Czech Republic – has long had a special place in our lives and hearts because my wife’s father was Czech. He was a distinguished night fighter pilot in the Second World War and you can read about him here.

In 1985 while Czechoovakia was still communist, we met a Czech doctor on a secondment in London and Pavel Horvath became one of our very closest friends as, following the velvet revolution, we got to know his wife and three children when we regularly visited Prague and they often came over to London.

Tragically, nine years after we met him, Pavel died of leukaemia in London following two failed transplants and you can read my tribute to him here.

But of course we stayed in touch with his famly who became as close as family to us. Today his eldest child Vojtisek (Vojta) – now aged 31 – married Katerina (Kaca) at the New Town Hall in Prague and we were there to share in his happiness. It was my 24th visit to the Czech Republic and Vee’s 22nd but the most joyful ever.

Even the sun came out to play as we basked in 33C/91F.


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