Snow in London

Here in London, it snows rarely. Indeed we can go a whole winter without snow.
But tonight it’s snowing here. I can’t remember when it last snowed in London in October.
Footnote (29/10/08): I’ve lived in London since 1971 and never seen snow here in October. Today’s media advised us that this has been the first October snow in the capital since 1934.


  • Mavis Smith

    I remember snow in London in 1978. Everything ground to a halt because of a couple of inches.
    As a Northerner I found it all hilarious.
    We used to get a couple of days snow at the back end of October and then none till about end of Jan into Feb and then it snowed.
    Have not had any for the past ten years in October up here and hardly any the rest of the winter.
    ‘Times they are a changing’

  • Sharon

    Well apparently there hasn’t been snow in London in October for 70 years, which would explain why you can’t remember it…even you aren’t that old 😉


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