My latest short story: “This Life Business”

I have not written a short story for exactly a year – too many part-time appointments have kept me very busy in 2012.

But I want to keep my hand in, so I’ve used the festive break to craft  a new story – my 29th.

It’s called “The Life Business” and I’ve had the idea in my mind since a few months before my granddaughter was born two years ago.

Do please check it out here and feel free to post a comment.


  • GL

    Love the short story. Very sweet and quite serious too.

    Really do think you should write a little grandpa book or even grandparent book and include this and then lots of 100 words – little glimpses of the delight.

    I think it would be very valuable because we can lose sight of the sweetness of it all.

  • ellie

    Looking forward to the Grandpa book

  • Charlie Plunkett

    Love this short story of the thoughts of your granddaughter before her birth, such a great idea and hopefully the first of many more stories from you in 2013. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • DM

    I have enjoyed your last story – “This life business”.

    It’s obviously for a very good reason that our childhood memories are very vague before we’re 3 or 4 years old!


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