28 short stories – and counting …

In the summer of 2009, I set myself the challenge of writing five short stories. In fact, over the next six months I wrote 16. Since then, I’ve crafted more and the total is now 28.

I know that the Christmas/New Year is a busy one for many people with little time to read a novel, but you might want to try one or two of my stories, since they typically average only around 3,000 words. You can access them all here.

As it happens, I haven’t written a short story for a year – too busy with all my part-time appointments. But I’m using this festive season to craft one or two new ones which i will put on my web site when completed.

Meanwhile do let me know what you think of my earlier efforts.

One Comment

  • huenguyen

    I love to read your stories. they are very thoughtful and meaningful. I hope you write more short stories. Thanks


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